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Up Benching System: Benching and Desking Systems

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Up Benching System - Benching and Desking Systems,

Up Benching System

Category: Manufacturer: Tayco
Availability: Subject to manufacturing production times

Product Description:
Up is post and beam. done right.
Good Work happens in great spaces. where quality is defined by form and function. Up delivers innovative design that is built around the needs of evolving environments and the People in them.

Up optimizes space planning capabilities with architectural storage that integrates seamlessly into the workspace.

Up offers contemporary appeal with refined details that provide a sense of continuity across a variety of applications.

Up facilitates maximum storage in a minimal footprint. Tackboards, whiteboards and accessory panels ensure that no vertical space goes unused, while thoughtful secondary drawers provide a safe place for both work tools and personal items.
plugged in.

Towers include integrated power and data troughs that carry cables between workstations. Power and data is also accessible at key locations within certain storage units.

Up Benching System - Benching and Desking Systems,

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