Creating Healthy Workplaces since 1995

It is amazing how fast 25 years goes by. While it seems like only yesterday, let’s look at what has transpired since then.. 

Windows 95 was new to the market and there were no smart phones-the Palm Pilot was in its infancy and even the i-pod has come and gone since then. The DJIA crossed 5000 for the first time, and while we have feared it will fall back there again, it is nearly 5 times that value today.  We had the Oklahoma City bombing and OJ was found innocent.  Toy Story and Braveheart were released on the big screen, Friends and X-Files ruled the small screen and Madonna, Whitney Houston and Smashing Pumpkins dominated the charts. And the Grateful Dead broke up.  

And one spring day in 1995, feeling that the independent non-aligned dealer model was the best way to serve the commercial office furniture customer, MB Contract Furniture was started in a small 2nd floor condominium in Walnut Creek.  While not the world changing  event that many of the other events above were, it has touched the many lives of our current and past employees, customers and suppliers as it has truly been a team effort to reach our 25th anniversary.

We have been through the dot com years of growth and the dot com busts, through the great recession and the Bay Area tech boom. And now we are with all of you through this pandemic. Plus social-distancing, a term that I am certain was not around 25 years ago. 

We had the honor to serve many of the many great Companies in the Bay Area covering health care, finance and banking, government and technology sectors. We have got to know many of the small local businesses led by business people such as ourselves just trying to make a living for our employees and suppliers.  It is by the working side by side offering a valuable service to our customers from which we get our greatest satisfaction..

As we move beyond these current challenges that call for a collaborative effort more than ever, we look forward to remaining a part of the vision and culture of you and your Company in the years ahead.  Thank you for sticking with us.  We would not have made it this far without your support.

John & Jane Mele