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MB Contract Furniture Germ & Virus Safeguards

Welcome to our Germ & Virus Safeguard section, where we offer a range of products designed to create a safer and healthier workspace. Our Air Purifiers utilize advanced filtration technologies to remove airborne particles and improve air quality, providing a clean and fresh environment. With our Notification Signage, you can effectively communicate important safety protocols and guidelines to employees and visitors, promoting awareness and adherence. Our Protective Shields and Screens offer physical barriers to minimize the spread of germs and maintain social distancing in shared spaces. For versatile and flexible separation, our Room and Space Dividers create dedicated areas while ensuring proper distancing. We also provide a selection of sanitizing products, such as hand sanitizers and disinfectants, to promote hygiene practices. Explore our Germ & Virus Safeguard section and discover the tools you need to create a safe and protected workspace for everyone.

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