LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.

LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. – Emeryville, California

When Leapfrog reevaluated their real estate requirements it was determined in a relocated space, they could maintain the current headcount with the same functionality of their current space.  At the same time they could with a limited budget and aggressive timeframe refresh and update the look and aesthetic of  the space using Friant Novo panel system.

“After years of working together on small onesie twosies projects, I was finally able to award MB Contract furniture the bid for the build out of our 22,000 square-foot office cubicles. MB Is all about relationships and long-term partnership. They never once made me feel Iike we were not important and are always all about relationships and long-term partnership; whether I was buying one chair, one table or doing some cubicle modifications, they always showed up with kindness, professionalism and excellence.

I can’t say enough good about everyone on the team, including Geoff, Stephan, Mo, Victoria, and of-course John and Jane and everyone behind  the scenes. High touch, attention to detail and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure everything was perfect. And I mean perfect.  Testing outlets, superior design, ensuring all the lines of long cubicle runs were straight etc. Geoff put in countless hours on work to ensure we could meet an extremely aggressive schedule, and totally delivered on time and on budget with attention to every detail. The cubicles look like they were worth so much more than we could spend and the installation team was phenomenal.   Thank you MB! You are the best!!!”

Jay Momet

Director, Real Estate & Facilities , LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.