Why Use a Furniture Dealer?

Inspire & Engage with Experience

Creating a healthy, comfortable workplace reflects and drives your corporate culture and brand. Get the most for your investment by collaborating with experts who will support you at every step of this complex process. We’ll turn your dream space into a reality. 

At MB Contract Furniture, we offer high-quality, commercial grade products that comply with industry standards and testing criteria. We have longstanding relationships with manufacturers that ensure your deadlines will be met, and we will support you should any issues arise.

Permits, local/state regulation and code, ADA regulations, seismic mitigation, workers compensation, union/prevailing wage installation requirements – We will guide you through the process to ensure your project is done correctly, saving you time, frustration, and money. We coordinate with the architect, contractors, and movers to facilitate a project that is on time and on budget.

We’re not interested in just making another sale. We have many repeat customers because we are more interested in building strong, valued relationships. Our team will support you with expertise and infrastructure every step of the way, from start to finish.

Salesperson and customer in showroom
customer looking at swatches in design center
  • Our relationships with manufacturers offers us greater control over delivery times. We can provide tracking, expediting and order confirmation.

  • We offer support for any delivery issues that include handling freight claims when run through our warehouse.

  • Our team of design experts will be with you every step of the way from start to finish.

  • We work as a member of the team to coordinate with the architect, contractors, and movers, to facilitate a project that is on time and on budget.

“MB has proven consistently that they find the best value for our needs. Top notch Project Management perfectionist, nothing goes un-noticed. The way MB treats me I feel like I’m their only customer.”

Patricia Schuchardt

Facilities Manager, Bay Area Transportation Office

“We have worked with you now for over twenty years and you have always been my “go to” person for cubicles, office furniture, chairs, and I especially appreciate your good eye for what works and what doesn’t.”

Debbie Ivy

Executive Team, Auto-Chlor

Furniture Shouldn’t Be Disposable

Are you tired of replacing office furniture within a year or two of purchasing it? Large chain retailers have nice looking furniture, but is it of the quality necessary to stand up to everyday use in an office environment? At MB Contract Furniture, we offer high-quality commercial grade products that comply with industry standards and testing criteria. We’ll help you select furniture that will last for years, not months.

How many times have you damaged a piece of furniture fresh out of the box while trying to assemble it? With MB Contract Furniture, your purchase is delivered preassembled, sparing you time and frustration.

If you’re ordering custom furniture on a strict deadline, we will work with you to ensure that you meet it. Our relationships with manufacturers offer us greater control over delivery times, and we provide tracking, expediting, and order confirmation. If there are any issues with delivery, we provide the necessary support to solve the problem.

Because we seamlessly team with the architect, contractor, IT, movers, and more, your project is managed with all necessary expertise and infrastructure from start to finish in an efficient and thorough process. A high degree of professional consultation comes with assurance that simply drop-shipping furniture to your front porch can’t provide. You save time and money, receive support from industry experts at every step, and achieve your ultimate vision and expectations.

Conference table with task chairs

Furniture Customization and Optimization

Are you designing your office around a certain theme, or even a special piece of furniture? We can help you coordinate products, finishes, patterns, and colors. Stop by our showroom to visit the resource center, where you can see, touch, and demo some of the materials and products.

If you can’t come to us, we’ll gladly visit your office armed with the resources needed to get your project started. Seeing your space may allow us to make recommendations that will enhance it, increasing functionality and visual appeal.

We want to help you do it right the first time. We will work with you to assure that your ideal products are purchased for the correct applications. What’s more, your project can move forward with confidence that complex regulations are adhered to, such as obtaining proper permits, local/state regulation and code, ADA regulations, seismic bracing, workers’ compensation, and union/prevailing wage installation requirements.

Avoid wasted time and funds; let us guide you through the complexities of the process.

People looking at color swatches in the showroom

We Turn Overwhelmed into Overjoyed

Many of our clients are repeat customers as we are more interested in building a strong, valued relationship instead of just making another sale.  Our team of design experts will be with you every step of the way from start to finish. But our job doesn’t end there as we will still available to help with any needs such warranty service/claims or product support. Or the day 2 use, when you need to reuse for furniture in a new layout, or add to it

The foundation of our business is built on solid relationships. We hope that if you choose to work with us that for years to come we will be your first choice when it’s time for more furniture or an office refresh. 

“MB was great to work with, they provided excellent design recommendations and furniture solutions for our office.  Furniture and work stations arrived as planned and they were committed to seeing that everything was installed just right.  We will keep using MB for our office furniture needs.”

Ken Schwarz, Ph.D.

Principle, Horizon Water and Environment

“We have worked with MB Contract Furniture over the course of several years as they have assisted our company with large remodeling projects as well as smaller projects.  The Design Consultant is always willing to assist us with reconfiguring ideas as we have grown over the years.  I would highly recommend MB Contract Furniture.”

Kathi Shull

Corporate Secretary, Pacific Coast Producers