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MB Contract Furniture Architectural Products

Welcome to the Architectural Products section. Here, you’ll find an extensive array of innovative solutions to transform your workspace into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment. Our range includes acoustic and sound masking systems to create a peaceful and focused atmosphere, architectural glass solutions to bring in natural light while maintaining privacy, and cutting-edge lighting options to enhance the ambiance. We also offer air purifiers for clean and fresh air circulation, privacy pods and modular walls for versatile and adaptable spaces, room dividers to create distinct areas, and signage solutions to showcase your brand. With our comprehensive selection of architectural products, you can optimize your office layout, improve productivity, and elevate the overall experience for employees and visitors. Explore our diverse categories and discover the possibilities for a truly exceptional workplace.

Acoustics & Sound Masking

Air Purifiers

Architectural Glass

Architectural Lighting

Ceiling & Wall Panels

Commercial Bath

Demountable Modular Walls

Living Walls & Bio Canvas


Privacy Pods & Phone Booths

Power & Data Systems

Room & Space Dividers


Storage, Displays, Lockers, & Towers