Residential Furniture

Why Buy Residential Furniture from a Commercial Furniture Dealership?

In addition to commercial office furniture, we have a wide selection of boutique residential furnishings. From living areas to bedrooms to the backyard, we offer furniture, lighting and accents that will liven up your house.

Commercial residential furniture is designed to hold up over time by using quality materials that can endure heavy use and traffic. After all, your furniture will need to withstand kids, teenagers, and pets.

By working with our expert design team, we can help you customize furniture to reflect your needs. Most fabrics, upholstery materials, and trim are customizable to your specs. Every piece is made for you, and because of the many options available will allow you to have furniture that will reflect your lifestyle and function better than anything you could buy from a retail store.

Rest assured that by working with an experienced commercial furniture dealer you will get furniture that will last for years to come. If you are looking to furnish your private residence or Home Owners Association (HOA) common spaces contact us today to get started.