AsherBio – South San Francisco, California

A recently Series A funded biotechnology company wanted to create a workplace that was innovative as the technology that they are developing.  AsherBio was looking to create a space that would reflect their culture and help serve as a recruiting tool.  Their space will allow them to assemble a strong team and to create the collaborative environment necessary to bring their innovative ideas to market.

AsherBio’s leaders and scientific founders have deep expertise in immunotherapies and in building successful biotech companies. They are thriving and growing in the biotech hub of South San Francisco.

Front of building

Our challenges were:

  • To creating open feel using benching stations yet manage acoustics in a small space.
  • Easy power and data management and access was important
  • Ergonomic Sit stand worksurfaces to support the health and well being of their call center employees

Solution:  Trendway Confer

We specified Trendway Confer for the benching stations. This solution allows easy access to technology that run through the center of the workstation. We added height adjustable tables and mounted screens on the worksurfaces to allow privacy and help with acoustics when they raise and lower the desk. Dual monitors arms served as barriers from the workstation across user.

The result: Highly efficient spaces that support the needs of both the employee and the employer!