While planning for our wedding, my wife and I decided we could handle putting together this very special event for 150 of our relatives and close friends by ourselves rather than hire a wedding planner. We’re both very determined people that like to try and do things for ourselves. In hindsight we probably would have enjoyed our special day even more had we hired someone to look after all the little things and most likely would have added details we didn’t think about. 

There are times when it just makes sense to bring in an expert that can help you get the most for your investment. Creating a healthy workplace that reflects your corporate culture, provides functionality and durability, working with a furniture dealer can help turn your dream space a reality.  View it as a collaborative effort instead of just picking widgets off of a website.

People looking at color swatches in the showroom
MB Contract Furniture Offers Expert Design Advice

Furniture Shouldn’t Be Disposable

Are you tired of having to replace office furniture within a year of purchasing it? While many large chain retailers have nice looking furniture, often times it is made with low quality material not designed for everyday use in an office environment. At MB Contract Furniture, we offer high quality, commercial grade products that comply with industry standards and testing criteria. We’ll help you select furniture that will last for years, not months. 

How many times have you damaged a piece of furniture fresh out of the box while trying to assemble it? When purchasing through MB Contract Furniture, we’ll save you precious time and spare you the frustration of navigating the assembly instructions by delivering your purchase preassembled.

We are part of the team that includes the architect, contractor, IT, movers etc.  This is more of a team project management process and not having chairs drop shipped to your front porch.  There is a high degree of professional consultation taking place.  

If you’re ordering custom furniture that needs to be delivered by a certain date, we will work with you to ensure that you will meet your deadlines. Our relationships with manufacturers offers us greater control over delivery times. We can provide tracking, expediting and order confirmation.  We offer support for any delivery issues that include handling freight claims when run through our warehouse.

Furniture Should Last For Years, Not Months

Furniture Customization and Optimization

Are you designing your office around a certain theme or even a special piece of furniture? We can help you match products, finishes, patterns and colors. You can stop by our showroom to visit the resource center that will allow you to see and touch the materials and demo some of the products. 

And if you can’t come to us, we’ll gladly visit your office armed with the resources needed to get your project started. By visiting your workplace, we may be able to make recommendations that will enhance the space and make your office more functional and visually appealing. We want to help you do it right the first time. We will work with you to avoid purchasing the wrong product for the wrong application. 

Another thing often overlooked when designing your work space is the amount of regulations in place. From permits to local & state regulation and code, ADA regulations, seismic bracing, workers compensation, union or prevailing wage installation requirements, we can help guide you through these obstacles to help ensure your project is done correctly. 

MB Contract Furniture’s Resource Center

We Turn Overwhelmed into Overjoyed

Many of our clients are repeat customers as we are more interested in building a strong, valued relationship instead of just making another sale.  Our team of design experts will be with you every step of the way from start to finish. But our job doesn’t end there as we will still available to help with any needs such warranty service/claims or product support. Or the day 2 use, when you need to reuse for furniture in a new layout, or add to it

The foundation of our business is built on solid relationships. We hope that if you choose to work with us that for years to come we will be your first choice when it’s time for more furniture or an office refresh.